What’s the Difference Between Graphics and Animation?

Graphics and animation can be easily confused with one another amongst many people, as they both follow the 12 basic principles of animation such as squash and stretch, solid drawing, and timing, etc. They both also give life and movement to a still image; however, their purpose, storyline and technique is different from one another.

Graphics and Animation


In terms of animation, there is a more of a storyline and life that is delivered throughout each character. There is no requirement of length, however animation is usually much longer than graphics such as cartoons, and Disney animated films. Which then leads to animation having more of a consistent sequence, that is directly one after the other. It is also argued that animation requires more additional technical aspects than graphics such as, lighting and sound portraying more of an advanced level of skill to execute. In addition, animation is more consisted of working closely with illustrators, as the characters have more life and a storyline to follow. Animation requires more of a detailed approach, which is where the work of an illustrator comes through as an animation is related more to real life scenarios.

Graphics and Animation


Graphics on the other hand, has more work related closely to a graphic designer rather than an illustrator. The focus is more towards visuals, layouts and presenting the storyline with imagery short sequences of movements. When providing movement to a graphic, it is genuinely towards something that usually wouldn’t have life in the real world, such as talking objects or objects with human facial features. The storyline in graphics is more focused in delivering key information whereas animation is providing entertainment. For example, a client that wants to produce a website for their food company, might want to have a set of visual graphics demonstrating the actions needed to cook a certain recipe.

It is important for a client to know the difference between graphics and animation, as if they want something more for presentation than graphics will be the better option. Or if they want something more realistically stimulating than animation is suited best.

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