Millennial Marketing in Pakistan

Millennials are the group of people, which involves 20 to 37 years old people from 1981 and 1996.

Millennial Marketing:

Millennial Marketing In Pakistan, the millennial community is a buzz for the advertisement as they are the largest generation of workforce and have representation in the market as audience.

“The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennials have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable becoming an extension of their bodies.”
-Morley safer-

Dealing with the brands who involve millennial as their target audience, is the most difficult task for the advertisement agencies. Their attitude is changing with the evolution in efficiency of the technology. The advertisement designed and planned for them must have the strength to capture their mindset and preferences which varies with the speed off internet. They demand for unconventional but you never know when they ask for the conventional data. The millennials of the same demographic even don’t have the same partiality. They are easy going persons but with their own choice.

Strategies to market the millennials:

Single strategy can never work for the millennials to strike so different strategies need to be built in order to persuade their attention for better marketing and advertising.

Some of the strategies are:

Optimize Technology and Social Media:

In the modern times, the preferences of the millennials have taken huge turn towards the technology. Mostly of them are educated, aware of the advancements and mostly have great how know of the technology. The advertisements should be technology and social media friendly around which their life revolves. The ideas must be engaging and should stick the brands audience to the brand.

Endorsement of celebrities and trends:

Shine and glamour attract millennials the most. Be it anything or any field. They appreciate the endorsement of celebrities. They prefer the brand which has endorsed celebrities as they believe that their lifestyle will be upgraded after perusing their style. It is absolute that they agree on the quality of trends and celebrities.

More for a good cause:

The millennials have rapid response on the emotional appeal. They prefer the advertisements which are based on a cause. If the cause has a grip then it turns the leading idea. Like the coke brand uses their bottles for the sake of light. These kind of campaigns and ideas leaves deep essence for their target audience and are well appreciated by the audience.

Keep it easy:

The millennials do not go easy with the difficult ones. They love the ideas the most which are easy but must grab the attention.

Promote for the sake of Rewards:

To engage the millennials as audience, the rewards must be set for them. As they always run to the shops or brands who reward and distribute prizes. Especially in the social media, the hashtags spread after the game of rewards or because of something surprising.

These all vary with client to client and with the difference of the audience besides even having the same blood, demographic and etc.

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Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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