Animated Explainer Videos in Pakistan

Animated Explainer Videos in Pakistan, What are animated explainer videos? Animated explorer videos are an innovative and effective marketing tool. As the 21st century merges in the uproar growth and demand of technology, explainer videos are hugely popular with the population across the world. The videos are quick, simple but snappy and entertaining with the use of animated characters and humourful graphic visuals. It is a stimulating way to inform your consumer with a clear business idea, without boring them with too much wordy information. The videos allow your business to portray the main, useful key points of your pitch, and be as direct and informative to your client/consumer. As well as serving purpose to your audience, the videos are an additional promotion to your business that generates a vast brand exposure as a visual medium.

Animated Explainer Videos
Animated explainer video example:

So how are the videos useful?

  • In popular demand –

In general, the majority of people prefer to watch something rather than to read. As daily life gets faster paced, it is important when marketing your pitch to be able to quickly gain a consumers/client’s attention, and having a simple, informative video is more appealing than pages of text.

  • Brand awareness –

As explainer videos are a digital marketing tactic, they help increase your online profile, as people would spend more time on your website whilst watching the clips, and then resulting an increase in their search engines as a power in your favour.

  • Trafficking:

With your videos being online and hyperlinked, consumers/clients can easily access your clip on the go and will also be available to them 24/7. With this key element of being accessible on the go, it is easy for them to extract information and remember points about your business increasing the likelihood of them leading to you. Furthermore, it is easy for whoever is watching to share your clip with others such as friends, family, and social media, leading onto an increase of traffic and brand awareness.

When best to use Animated Explainer Videos:

There is no specific time to introduce an explainer video, it can be shown at any stage as an introduction of your business of further information. However, usually businesses tend to use them at the stage of when the consumer is considering your services. It is a way of educating and reminding your client/consumer, about key points and also your company ethos in a visually entertaining way.


Overall, animated explainer videos will help your business stand out from the crowd, and additionally help embrace your aesthetic, by playing around with colours that compliment your brand, resulting in your consumer remembering you and being entertained by short, snappy clips. They increase SEM, and help bring brand exposure to your company by being accessible on the go, and allowing them to share on social media, and with friends/family.


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