Ad Designs and Creativity Logo Designing

Every time, if we will think about ad designs and creativity, we will come up with new ideas to discuss about the subject. As at the end of the day, the designing and creativity is all about ideas. Designing and creativity are the mostly widely used term in advertising world and advertising industry lives in the designing and creativity all the time. The word design is very wide to understand and diversified to be used in various walks of life. In advertising when we use the word design, it actually means the visual communication and sending certain messages through the colors and images to target audience.

In any design, the objective and message should be readable, perceivable either very openly or should be subtly understandable to the recipient of the message. We design to tell, to speak and we wish to be heard and our concepts of designs, we wish to be conceived by the eyes balls. Designing is an art and art is an idea before it needs the crafting to make a piece. Artistic writing of routine alphabets is generally called calligraphy but if you make design out of the alphabets and play around with the name of the brand and convert it into a logo, it becomes logo designing. We take for example, the logo design of Coco Cola .

Creativity Logo Designing

The logo itself, is simple text but written in specific form and is patent of Coca Cola corporation, the words and the logo type, the font and style of writing, all have become the property of Coca Cola. So the art for specific purpose and commercial purpose for that matter, in the modern world of advertising and marketing is tangible property and the owner beholds it as legal owner.

Creativity Logo Designing of Mercedes

We are not always willing to use the spellings, few or all alphabets of the name of brand for logo designing; the logo design can be designed independently using shapes as well. Like if we take some very popular logos of world-renowned brands .

Logo of Mercedes:

Creativity Logo Designing

Logo of Audi:

Logo of Nike:

Creativity Logo Designing

In all the above logos, the alphabets of the brand name are not used and if used in some subtle manner, that is not immediately identifiable. However, as they say, there is always some message and objective behind the most important identity of the brand or company and it is the monogram/Logo.

Logo of Apple:

Creativity Logo Designing

It represents the forbidden fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge”.

Logo of Volkswagen:

Creativity Logo Designing

The ‘V’ and the ‘W’ can easily be seen. ‘Volks’, in German, mean people, while ‘Wagon’ means car. It’s the car for the people!

Logo of Amazon:

Creativity Logo Designing

Amazon Logo The arrow look like a smiley, this represents the fact that Amazon provides variety of items for sale, literally from A to Z.

The designer and creative manager always gets comprehensive brief about the portfolio of the company, its areas/area of business and about the targeted groups of the market, for the particular company. Since the logos carry the goodwill of the company along, therefore, the logos (in most of the cases) becomes the permanent identity and is not randomly changed.

For the longevity of the logo and its lifetime existence, the designing and finalization of the logo is the first biggest task before the launching of brand. Not only, the immediate target audience is kept in mind before the designing of the logo but also the prospective future customers/consumers are also taken into consideration. The artist/designer must be extensively briefed and should be aware of all the goals and market of the brand/company before the making of the Logo.

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