Investment in Pakistan- Karachi

Investment in Pakistan- Karachi, As we have discussed in our previous article, about the dynamism, professionalism and corporate positioning of Karachi. The city also known as financial hub and financial capital of Pakistan is always welcoming and situations are highly conducive for the new investors. Most of international brands, those have established their local branches are cultivating highest returns and are enjoying the benefits of this fastest growing market of Pakistan.

Only the population of Karachi and its demographics, if analyzed carefully, the market is turned out to be best consumer base in the entire region. The most vibrant young population from different faculties and graduated from some world class universities, the city is booming with human resource.

The young eager minds, with high level of dedication and determination are mastering in all new arts and sciences. The young lot, males and females are ready to perform and give the best output to their employers. Hundreds of world class public and private sector universities are providing, state of the art education to millions of students in Karachi.

The faculties in the universities of Karachi, includes most advance scientific subjects from earth and nuclear sciences to archeology and space sciences. The University of Karachi, Aga Khan University and other prestigious universities of engineering and medicines are creating most talented individuals to lead in their specific fields.

The private sector universities like, ZABIST and IQRA University and many others are equally contributing in Arts and Sciences.

In the process of investing in a country the selection of the location for the setup is first and primary task. The selection of the city is crucially important to actualize the feasibility. In certain cases the making of the feasibility report requires comprehensive research and analysis of the pertinent areas related to specific field of interest.

In this series of articles, we have taken up the task to highlight all relevant factors necessary to be taken up, prior to the investment. While making up the thesis about this whole subject of investment in Pakistan, the initial introduction of the country and then of its major cities and all other areas related to business, requires some in depth discussion and detail.

In a broader perspective, the specified industrial estates have been developed in the various parts of the city and acquiring a place to set up an industry is not a tough task and it depends on business feasibility and prospects. in any major city of Pakistan, please do contact us on [email protected]

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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