Top 3 Advertising Strategies for Brand Awareness in Pakistan

Brand awareness is exceptionally important in getting your business out there and well known amongst the population, it helps motivate your consumers to lean into investing in your product/service more than other brands. When purchasing a doll in a toy store as a birthday present for a child, you would most likely look for a ‘Barbie’ doll. When going on a coffee run at work, you’re more likely to ask your colleagues ‘would anyone like a Starbucks?’. Brands like Brabie and Starbucks have had a huge success rate with their brand awareness, in globally being well known across the nation. Here are 3 top advertising strategies for brand awareness that could help with your business:

Brand Awareness

1. Referral Programmes:

Having a referral programme on your company website or mobile app, can engage your consumer more into having consistency with your product/service. It can also motivate your consumers to spread the word and share your product/service with friends and family if they get a reward in return. Companies such as Via Van (a UK taxi service) promotes that if you refer a friend, in return you will get free credit and rides. Monzo is another company that has especially increased in popularity with gaining over 40,000 people a week using their service. Monzo have a referral programme which rewards you with £5 credit if your friend joins their service, making them one of the most popular digital banking companies.

2. Merchandising:

Handing out free merchandise always works like a charm with consumers, it’s almost like an innovative way of handing out business cards but with more excitement for the consumer. It also adds a personal touch to your service and shows customers that you are caring. It’s mindful when merchandising to think of something unique, as this will increase your consumer posting it on social media, sharing with friends and increasing your consumer engagement.

3. Social Media Engagement in Pakistan:

Having a strong social media platform will always ensure that you have a consistent connection with customers. Spending time making your social media visually attractive, improves engagement and adds a level of uniqueness to your company brand. There is no limit to creativity, and you can attract as many people as you can, as well as reaching an international and global audience. As social media provides you with access to analytics, you can track and learn what works with your target market and what doesn’t, kind of like trial and error. This will help you learn more about the market you are in, and improve your ways and creativity in reaching out in unique and exciting ways to your customers.

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