Geo-Political and Strategic Location of Pakistan

There is a huge infrastructure within the boundaries of Pakistan and this is the beginning of the industrial revolution. The recent developments to ensure law and order and determination of the Government and Armed forces to eliminate all kinds of extremism and radicalism have brought peaceful inception of developmental activities.

The new industrial estates are being developed and previous ones are being modified according to the growing need of new industries in the process of erection. New policies have been implemented to encourage the investors in the form of tax free zones and certain leverage on freight and imports have been marginalized for new technologies to be used. All these revolutionary steps have been foreseen because of consumer market, growing everyday and the growing size of individual potential of the buyers.

The parameters of industrial sectors are being developed, keeping in view the new upcoming status of Pakistan to be used as corridor between, China, central Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. Some sectors, like textile industry are being optimized as per growing international market and wide acceptance of Pakistani products in USA and other parts of the world.

This evolution and revolution for that matter, is outcome and fruit of the geo-strategic location of Pakistan that has made it a very important piece of land, joining the continents and its most fertile land in terms of agricultural productivity and energetic Human Resource.

Most of the bordering countries of Pakistan are world most progressive and energetic nations, be it, China, Iran or India. One way or the other, all the countries bordering Pakistan have important role in the entire world, be it their geographical size, location, economic status or political clout in the region and entire word. Since, Pakistan is located in the centre of these world huge states and the interconnectivity of these nations and other continents is very much dependent on peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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