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Understanding of branding and corporate identity has the utmost significance in order to catch the media market and economy. Branding makes difference in the position and corporate image so the corporate identity and branding should be evaluated to progress in the competition.

Branding and Corporate Identity


Branding is the act of promotion of perception of a specified product, service, company or an individualistic idea. Branding is performed for the purpose of brand image and position maintenance. The effort by the brand to establish the promised attributes and benefits made to their customers.

Branding builds an emotional relationship between the customer and the brand as the company or brand are the facilitator of customers need. Brand name provokes the emotional trust of consumers and their percentage reliance.

Corporate Identity:

Corporate Identity has the same perception as that of branding. Corporate identity refers to the face and astute of the entire company in the market and not just of idea or service.

It also deals with the visual exposure a brand`s presence. It aids the customers to distinguish the brand which promote their style and desire in the crowd. It communicate the ethics and focus of the target audience.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Importance of Branding & Corporate Identity:

The importance of presence of both Branding and Corporate identity for a brand is adjacent. Both stabilize the position of a brand in the market. They distinguish your brand features and characteristics from the competitors. These make you stand out by announcing your efforts to the public (specifically target audience) and encourage them to respond to your brand.

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