Internet Advertising in Pakistan

An integrated campaign on cross media is generally recommended for FMCG brands. Provision of annual and seasonal budgets allows the major brands to advertise on all available medium in order to get blanket coverage for the promotions and also to ensure maximum reach of their message.

With the extensive and unprecedently increase of smart phone and Internet users in Pakistan, the Internet have become a very solid source of communication.

Especially for the smaller brands and services with localized market and minimum geographic scope of work, finds the Internet marketing as very effective communication tool. Online selling as compare to conventional selling through retailers and traders, serves multiple purpose of promotion and selling at the same time.The technology for online selling has become very friendly and easier to access for every business segment.

If a brand or service with minimum budget wants to advertise through internet in Pakistan, be it on social media or through Google ads, the rates in comparison to other countries is very economical. If an analysis of rate comparison were conducted, between the Internet and conventional media, the CPM (cost per thousand) would be lot more cheaply in case of Internet advertising.

The strategic designing of the Internet campaign is very important and crucial to get maximum benefits through the placement of advertisement on various website. Identifying the consumer and comprehensive analysis of Google keywords, prior to the placement, also ensures maximum reach for a campaign.Internet advertising in Pakistan

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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