The Art of Story Telling

Art of Story Telling, The narration which we used to listen from a very early age is till date in our adult mind. The beauty of fairies, the relation of prince and princesses and the fairy godmother still revolve around our imaginations and we can relate ourselves to them.

What do you think?
Was it the impact of the stories and the writer?


Your grandparents and parents were the best narrators who used to design and direct your imaginations.

Of course, every tiny part or character played their role, as they knew the art of perfection in storytelling. Their expertise was to patch the message through their stories. Either that be your family who is narrating or the writer who has to strengthen the knits of the story. The paths and the leads which they wanted us to follow and direct were conveyed through those stories.

The most important part of the stories was the emotional appeal which directly hit the smaller you. It used to target your parents, family, friends, and food, etc. to which you were attached by heart.

The advertising world has the same trend for stories. They create and communicate stories in a highly specific and influential manner. The narration of advertisements stick to the memories of the audience, but for that, the content writers need to dive in the depth of the audience and derive strategies and points which could directly click the sight and mind of the consumers.

For example, when advertising a painting or paint, it has no value until the time the product story is not featured. The meaning, the importance and even the desire for the product are aroused with the eloquence in the story. A tag line and a script were executed by for their client Latif Banaspati. The script was based on the mother and the taste of her food, as per Pakistani culture and the target audience. This had a huge emotional attachment with its viewers as this aroused the love for their mother.

The more the audience can relate to the product, the more the product would be demanding. The relatability will last your bonds and connections strength with your audience. It plucks the coherence and the version of advertisements to create the perfect harmony between the choices of subjects.

Videos, either it is TVC commercial ads or social media ads content is the most effective way to direct the attention of viewers. We get the highest reach with the video contents, followed by visuals and the other written content including the keywords.

An advertising agency must have the strategy of storytelling as this is the best trend art of the seasons for advertisement. The journey of their clients must be the most important part of their content.

The most summary of this art cannot be defined by any other sentence than this, which is The story of clients is the success story of the advertising agency.

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