How and Where to Invest in Pakistan

Tremendous qualitative and quantitative human resource is the first point, when we are discussing business and investment opportunities in Pakistan. The human resource is abundant, vibrant, young, learned and creative.

The inflation rate is lowest in Pakistan, comparing it with other countries; therefore, getting a young graduate on board is miraculously economical. The sectors in Pakistan are all unsaturated and highest return is ensured in most of the businesses. There is big room in the production of industrial products, from the mere technological accessories to most scientific and high tech equipment.

The human needs are limited but the desires are excessive and that is where the industrial yield is utilized and consumer market is created. If we take the example of mobile handset /cell phone industry, the Pakistan is fastest growing market and with a huge consumer base. Many international companies are investing and have invested for sizeable return on the investment. All the telecommunication companies are partially or completely foreign companies. The privatization policy of the government and its open invitation and bidding have motivated and provoked many international concerns to invest in Pakistan.

The friendly and modern systems of State provide smooth operations to register a company in Pakistan. The feasibility report, however, is the first step to understand the market, the dynamics of the market and its mechanics to start operating in Pakistan.

This is being understood widely in the international world that the country is only good for agricultural sector because of its golden land and highest yield. The fact about the agricultural positioning of Pakistan is globally undeniable and the sector is also the most important hub of revenue. However, the technological demands of other sectors are high and are return on investment is highest comparing with other markets of the world.

In this article, we have tried to explore the general investment landscape of Pakistan. We can talk about cities and the potentials in the cities and the demographics of the cities, with the perspective of consumer base and market.

The first and most important city for discussion here is Karachi. The city is called “City of Lights” full of passion and full of activity. It is declared as one of 6th largest city of the world with more than 20 million people living in the city. The coastal line of Karachi travels up to Gawadar, one of the deepest seaport in the world.

The Arabian Sea connects the city of Karachi with Most of Gulf countries through sea and other bordering cities of India. The city never sleeps; it’s the best way to define Karachi. To understand Karachi, one has to visit and see the potential in the city and its ongoing productivity. The biggest industrial units of Pakistan are operational in the city. From manufacturing of the cars to the textiles units and from medicines/ pharmaceutical to the cookies, we name the category and we find its production in Karachi. Setting up a business in Karachi is lot more easily than perceived. There are commercial areas everywhere for office premises. Renting an office is the smoothest process and many classified websites for property rentals are being operated in Karachi. If you are looking for more details about investing in Pakistan or in any major city of Pakistan, please do contact us on [email protected]

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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