Pakistan is The Destination (CPEC)

With the new political reformations, continuity of democracy and with the strict actions to maintain law and order, Pakistan is becoming a desired destination for the investors. The CPEC, the economic corridor named, as China Pakistan Economic Corridor is being made swiftly and passing through all major cities, starting from China Border till Gawadar Port is witnessing the start of golden era in Pakistan.

This corridor is being considered as the most effective and economical trade route in the world and it will be joining many countries through roads and sea. The efficiency and affectivity of this corridor will not only change the financial landscape of Pakistan, it will also cut the cost of goods transportation between Europe and Asia.

Gawadar port is renowned for its best harbor facilities and has been established as world deepest seaport. The viability of route for the trade between China, Middle East, Africa and Europe is being extensively highlighted by international media. The completion of this corridor between Gawadar and China will create multiple opportunities for business and trade and will also provide employment to people of different nationalities from entire world.

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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