The Art of Weapon in the World of Advertisement

What do you think is meant by the word “WEAPON”??
Do weapons have impact in the world of advertisement?
Weapons?? Really??
Weapons in war or weapons in advertisement??
The world of advertisement has always publicized the elements of battle field such as war, weapons and attack etc. but do you think that weapons are ever used by the advertising agency to attack or defend their company?

The answer is yes. In the earlier age, the weapons in the battlefield were used for defense attack, whereas in the new age, the function has remained the same but the look of the weapons have changed. Now every field including the advertising agencies have their own weapons and field where the criteria of maintaining position among the competitors is elevating with time.

The advertisements are created by different weapons, but with the characteristics of creation and not destruction. To create mass for the masses, the challenge must be operated with heavy weapon, as influencing the mass is never an easy task. The power of the gun and the intensity of bullet should directly hit the conscious and unconscious mind of people. There are so many weapons in the advertising agency but the eminent of all is idea which fire the mainstream impact of the projects, just as gun fires bullet.

“Everything begins with an idea.”
~Earl Nightingale

Any project in the section of advertisement is initiated with an idea. If there is no idea, then no sense of a project is built. An idea of a project define its scheme and the direction towards which the certain project is inclined. The idea has a very notable position in an advertisement, it acts like the first brick and if it is placed on the right position then the whole building stabilize. The ideas for a project should be shaped properly because if the agency doesn’t know the art of triggering idea then it is of no use.

The idea of advertisement for a rich clothing brand would be according to the preference of the brand, something which is as exclusive as the look nature or that of the sky. The idea must consequently be relevant and compelling enough to allure the desire of clients and audience towards that certain product, even if don`t need it. The ideas have no limits. They are just the random thoughts of a person which are polished, assembled, played with and are creatively transformed to something unique.

Champions keep playing until they get it right.
~Billie Jean King

A brand position and image is just recognized by its idea, the more polished and firm it would be, the more it would stand out among the competitors. The idea can be anything, you never know which idea hits the trending peaks. The creative just plays, jumbles and assembles the thoughts and in this way generates idea. The team of creative brain storm and engage different people for boosting and encouraging more ideas on the table of audience. The idea must be self-created, only then it can pitch the highest position among the competitors.

The creative must perform these steps until the client and the target audience does not approves and should be confident about the figures and ethical evaluation of their idea. It has to be realized carefully that without the strength and intensity of idea, approaching the mass creation is impossible.

The creative of time n space media agency also follows the same steps of prioritizing the approach of clients and recognizing the importance of their demand in idea generation.

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