Ethics in Advertising

Every person, every organization, from cottage to huge industries and corporate world all holds a certain criteria of an ethical records.

Ethics in Advertising

We also do.

What are Ethics in Advertising?

Ethics are basically a criteria or boundary which controls the action or activities of an individual or an organization.

Does Ethics Depend on ones believe?

It is all dependent on the nature of advertiser and the brand that in which certain way they want to build their brand. Some have the perception of fooling the customers through the use of in ethical and impractical sources but some define their ethics by portraying the best but true image of their products in order to gain the customer. So it all depend on the ethical boundaries of the brand.

Concept of Ethical Advertising:

The advertisers who claim the truth with any addition of false or fake statements are considered to be the ethical adverts. In the advertising world, it becomes necessary to distinguish the wrong from right. The adverts need to acknowledge the content in relevance to the brand and target audience rather than just focusing on the strength of consumer and sale generation.

Examples of Advertising Fields

Pharmaceutical Advertisement:

In Pharmaceutical type of advertising, the adverts need to be active to create awareness as there is danger for life of the consumers. They must also keep in mind the side effects and risks of the products.

Children Advertisement:

The content for children must be filtered ad must be kept in mind that the product or the advertisement is not harmful for their mental health. The cast of children in the advertisement must not perform a dangerous stunt which have the chances of being followed.

Cigarettes’ and Tobacco Advertisement:

The cigarettes and tobacco brands must not be advertised and should be banned as the people using such products suffer severe diseases and health issues so the adverts don’t need to persuade the audience.

Social Cause Advertisement:

The adverts who follow and produce social cause advertisements are considered to be the most ethical ones. These advertisements fulfil the actually purpose of the advertising world. They create awareness and raise sensible points for the benefit of their audiences. They involve Polio campaigns, Dengue Campaigns, Planting trees campaign and many more.

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