Color Grading For Products in Pakistan

Dealing with a camera seems difficult for those who are new in the field. Many people wonder to portray the best of their brand but they fear it because of their first step in the advertising world. In today world, the trends are changing. There are advancements and innovations in every technology and techniques.

In the production to grant the demand of the current market, we have command on the equipment like the highest Resolution HD Camera like Arri Alexa, HMI lights, and software, etc. for the moderate projects.

Enhancing your brand exhibition to the peak of its level we also have DE Vinci Resolve color grading machine because the name does not matter unless the brand does not create a fantastic modern look. Connecting to our agency, we elevate your brand position by associating you with our experience.

Color GradingColor Grading

What is Color Grading?

Color grading refers to the enhancement of the look of a brand. It can be of Film production, product or model shoot or presentation of anything. This process is split into two techniques:

Color Correction:

In the color correction, we adjust the combination of basic colors and white balance, exposure of light and the most important contrast the colors inconsistent frames in each shot.

Color grading:

After color correcting the image, the footage can be graded for creating a specific look which can be naturalistic or cinematic.

Attributes of Shoot:

These all attributes can be applied to the motion pictures, videos or still images.

  • Contrast
  • Color
  • Saturation
  • Detail
  • Black level
  • White point

All these points have to be kept in mind as these can be the factor of attraction of the object (brand).

Color Grading

Where to apply Color Grading?

The color grading process can be applied to induce artistic effect through the combination of colors. It is applied to control the color suite and the variations of light which dims or bright the object. It put in natural and realistic effects to make the picture more clear and real. All the tasks which can influence your brand’s consumer and your brand position can easily be handled by our experienced experts and advance technical types of equipment.

Contact: Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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