Local Newspaper Advertising in London

Many people will argue that newspaper advertising is a dying industry, as the use and growth of technology is constantly uprising. Companies are turning to social media, internet and television to advertise their products and services due to demanding popularity. However, we shouldn’t be quick to undermine the power of advertising in print. As London has a huge variety of newspapers, (figure 1) it has many potentials to help your company grow.

Advertising in London

Target audiences:

Advertising in newspaper can help you reach your target audience, as they are distributed in geographical locations. Such as if you are advertising package holidays or amusement parks, you can pick areas to be distributed that have family communities. Each page in a newspaper is divided into sections and categories, when looking through a newspaper you are more likely to pick categories that interest you to read. This benefits your company, as the consumer can clearly analyse and identify what you offer and can easily be allocated to your target market. Also, as technology continues to grow in 2019, newspapers can now be accessed digitally on apps in smartphones, tablets and computers, which leads to your ad being accessible on the go and can easily be shared with others.


As hundreds and hundreds of commuters travel across London, TFL (transport for London) is constantly flooded with new and local faces. Long journeys are always a battle with boredom and having a newspaper in reach, can always be an interesting read for a commuter. TFL is always handing out free newspapers to people on their journeys, and they are very popular with constantly being restocked and being passed onto others. Your ad could reach a vast majority of different people, and in addition to target audiences you can distribute your ad in particular locations to reach your target market, e.g. If your ad is to do with tutoring, you could distribute your paper ad at a tube that’s near to a university/school, increasing the likelihood of reaching your target market. in addition to commuters, tourists enjoy embarking on any product embarked with London culture to take as a souvenir and can help you reach an international market. it’s also a reliable source of information for tourists who aren’t familiar with London as much.


Newspaper advertising can be very cost effective for your business as there are many options to choose from on how to advertise, and different sizes to scale your ad. You can easily customize your ad to your required budget and make last minute changes that are inexpensive. However, the graphic quality can be quite low which is troubling if your service and product is something creative, although you can be experimental as you can with wording and fonts to appeal more engaging and stand out from other ads.

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