Ultimate Research Strategy for B2B

In the world of marketing, there are two categories, one is B2B (Business to Business) and the other is B2C (Business to Consumer) class. The advertising agencies including Time n Space Media Agency, deals with B2B (Business to Business) category, where manufacturer or wholesaler and companies are involved in the deals. In the advertising agencies, we directly deal with the brand and product companies as our clients. Developing strategies in B2B marketing for advertising agency means to create techniques for understanding the every detail of the brand, products or companies to whom we are associated. We, the Time and Space Agency have also belt strategies for paving and persuading the target audience (clients) towards our services and also build strategies for widening the boundaries to compete in this on-going race.

One of the most important strategy, which is considered as the bedrock of any of our project is research. When initiating for any of the projects, our first consideration and priority becomes the research of the specified client, other than the brief through their website or other sources. The detailed research study volunteer us in generating new and effective ideas as we improve in positioning our services. In research, we have three categories of ultimate research strategies.

1. The Brand research Pakistan:

In this research strategy, we study our brand position with respect to their competitors and what exactly they perceive about the product. For this research, we at first dive into the market where our brand exist already. We go through every advertising strategy and working of the competitor of our brand and compare it with the current and past working of our specified brand.

2. The Client research in Pakistan:

In this research, when we meet the client and held sessions for presentations and even before presentation, we review and observe the nature of clients, their priorities and it`s preferences. Determining the mind set of client is mandatory in B2B class as that of consumers in B2C class, as they will decide the execution of our service. So we properly examine the dimension in which the client want to pursue its brand marketing and advertisement.

3. The opportunity research in Pakistan:

By appropriately and successfully completing the client and brand research, we directs to the category of research which can become the reason to achieve the satisfaction of the client. We conduct the research in which we analyze the sections in which our clients brand currently lie, lack or can improve further to dig more opportunities for advertising services. Basically opportunity research is the extraction of client and brand research, but more deeply, for the benefit of both the client and of our team.

Realizing the importance of research and the rapid change in every bit of the brands and advertising technique, in these times, we follow up the best research strategies in the execution process of our brands script. Without these research proceedings and sketch, our team cannot even opt a word.

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