Geo News Network of Pakistan

Geo News, the most popular news channel in Pakistan, Geo News Network of Pakistan has worked hard maintaining its first position among the genre. The channel is very peculiar about its image and its screen and has claimed to be the biggest television network in Pakistan. It has used all resources to achieve the level and has passed through many hurdles to keep the title of being number one.

With the real, hard core experience of the journalism comprised of more than seventy years experience of publishing the number 1 newspaper of Pakistan, daily Jang, the management of Geo has proven skills of running a media organization. Besides political immaturities shown by the channel on various issues, the overall vision of the channel to be at the top in television media industry cannot be denied.
The software:

Software, in case of TV channels, which is the backbone of a TV channel and the more you get the viewers of your screen, the more you are getting the advertisers and building your channel as brand in the industry. The News channel generally makes sure to relay and stream fastest news and ensure swift airing of news updates. For quickest transmission of News, especially from various part of the country and even from the entire world a huge infrastructure of the news network is needed. Such networks to be built and utilized require decades of mastering in the industry and only few media companies in entire Pakistan own such networks.

GEO News enjoys monopoly in certain time slots especially from 10 pm to 11pm, during weekdays because of its program “aaj shazeb khanzada kae sath” another program of Najam sethi, which is being aired 11 pm is also getting maximum ratings among all News channels.

The spontaneity of News Anchors, broadcasters, their passionate delivery of News and the overall impression of screen, makes the News channel distinctive and distinguished in the lot. The real success of GEO News is derived from its experience in the media industry and which is eventually strengthened by the dedicated team members of Geo News.

Regarding the advertising rates of Geo News, this is again very immaculate positioning that Geo News is enjoying. It has highest rates, almost double in comparison to other channels, however, its GRP’S and reach is most of the time equivalent to other main stream channels.

The role of Geo News in the growth of Pakistan media industry in private sector cannot be denied and its production and grooming of human resource for the entire media industry is acknowledged widely across Pakistan.

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza

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