The Objective


Cooking oil has a strong connection with health which can’t be compromised. In Pakistan, there is plenty of cooking oil brands from Dalda to Meezan with deep roots in the market along with consumers having profound brand association. “Nemat” a new brand was launching their cooking oil in the Market. Our main Objective was to raise awareness about “Nemat” cooking oil and also position them as a socially responsible brand.


The Challenge


It’s never easy to come up with idea that will resonate with the audience. Our challenge was to introduce this new product in the market and make people aware of “Nemat”.Competitors brands with massive budgets use celebrity endorsements to convey their messages. Time & space media opted for emotional appeal with extensive research to deliver a social message featuring new faces. We wanted to make it stand out, considering the budget limit.


The Strategy


Time & space while devising the creative strategy, unlike the competitors not only focused on the benefits and uses of the product but also healthy life with healthy relationships. The Commercial’s script and jingle leave an impactful impression on Target audience. The TVC was made to deliver a social message about how every individual should take care of others in society also featuring the USPs of the product.


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