The Objective


Mobile Industry in Pakistan has flourished over the past decade with various local brands introducing their products in the market for people belonging to diverse socio-economic classes. Mobiles have become a crucial part of making our lives better by helping us stay in touch with our loved ones and colleagues. Mobo Mobiles is a Pakistan based brand that has launched its products with amazing features and designs for the low income and middle-class families. Our major objectives for its campaign were the introduction of its product H-36 and gain the attention of consumers by acquainting advanced features of the set for a better mobile experience in limited budget.


The Challenge


Our major challenge was to grab the attention of low-income TG by establishing enough information to confirm the authenticity of the product. Another challenge was to design an effective campaign in limited budget and create a feeling for the TG.


The Strategy


Keeping in mind the objectives and goals, we opted a direct approach to materialize the campaign in the form of shoot based commercial. For this purpose, we understood the psychographics and demographics of our target consumers. The interests and needs of the consumers guided us to highlight the USP of the product through the architectural visualization of product features. The TV commercial was shot in a community-based set up to tap the emotional interests of the consumer. We highlighted all the major features of mobile through 3D visualization. The ad revolved around the romantic relationship to make it emotionally appealing. The leading actor Bilal Qureshi endorsed the Mobo mobile to increase brand recognition. Our experts executed the ad that improved brand awareness as well as increased ROI for the brand.


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