The Objective


Pakistan has a very vast industry of electronics covering the market of home appliances, to commercial appliances. Appliances are the need of the hour whether it is a home need or commercial need. “Mega” a sister company of the home appliances brand “National” was launching its commercial appliances with business to business target market. The direct competitors “Carevel, Varioline and “Pel” already had a strong penetration in the market and trust of the consumers. “National” had the trust of its consumers and was a known brand of home appliances in the market. In this regard the main objective was to spread awareness about the sister company of “National” which is selling commercial appliances and to gain the same trust of consumers on this brand as they have on the main brand.


The Challenge


The toughest challenge was the launch of the brand along with the products in to the market where the big brands have already been in action. Competitors brand had been working on their advertising strategies with strong top celebrity endorsements and huge budgets where our challenge was to make the public aware of the brand and its product, to make it stand out in the market and create something higher than the standards of the competitors while keeping in mind the budget limit.


The Strategy


While keeping in mind the factors and features of the brand we developed a direct strategy of the brand. By focusing on the USPs of our brand and its products we established an idea of direct conceptualization. A renowned model and actress Alizeh Shah endorsed the brand in the TV commercial which leveled up the brand image and left an impact on the viewers also developing a call on action for the targeted audience. The TV commercial was executed by the experts which turned out to be a successful campaign increasing the ROI of the brand. surely increased the ROI of the brand


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