The Objective


The market of red syrup is historically established in Pakistan even before the partition. The most established and the only brand Rooh Afza, remained the market leader and a solo player for decades. Naurus was another brand, which has started its journey in 70s. Later other brands along with Rooh Afza had started getting a sizeable red syrup market share. The most prominent one is Qarshi in the recent decades. Marhaba Gulbahar had started its distribution in the year 2000, where it was compelled to compete with brands like Rooh Afza, Qarshi and Naurus. The first thematic campaign of Marhaba was meant to be a corporate campaign and the brand management was aiming to stand at far with the leading brands in Red syrup market. The objective was to get recognition and to establish the brand identity in the red syrup market as a superior quality Red Syrup.


The Challenge


At the time, when the brand of Marhaba Gulbahar was to be newly launched in the market, the red syrup brands such as Rooh afza and Qarshi, already existed in the market with strong market position. The challenge was tough to emerge and boost the brand position of Marhaba Gulbahar turn into a popular and trustworthy one, within the already strong competitors, by addressing the low budget and also enhancing the capability for substituting the competitors. We were supposed to cater the richness of syrup into the brand and make it stand out in the market.


The Strategy


To build the positioning of brand into a thematic campaign, a strategy had to be developed which could level the brand position of the brand to the Rooh Afza, Qarshi or Hamdard. The competitors had endorsed, Attique Oddo and Nadeem Baig the top celebrities of that time with huge budget. By considering the best possible strategy and implementing the advance market attraction for the brand Marhaba Gulbahar, the best emerging celebrities were endorsed in the TV commercial. The strategy was executed at its best and the richness of red syrup as per the strategy reflected the worth and leveled the image of Marhaba Gulbahar.


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