The Objective


Over the passage of time, snacks have become a vital meal of the day. Everyone wants to add flavor to their tea time, gatherings, events, and meetings. For kids, recess at school is what brings them happiness and to add flavors to it they bring lunch boxes. Gibs Makhanwala was serving all the aforementioned areas. As a creative advertising agency, Time n Space Media’s goal was to introduce the product in the market by ensuring that all the target audience was being hit. Objective also included to register product’s usage and placement intro consumer’s mind.


The Challenge


Time & Space opted for a unique approach while making this ad. We wanted the target audience to relate to the product. We wanted the consumer to relate their daily life routine with the product such as, taking lunch boxes to schools, offices, eating snacks with tea, or in events. We also wanted to show the usage of the product, how is it related to every day events and special events. To ensure that consumer relate to the product, Time & Space Media introduced new faces in the TVC which can help the consumer to relate to the situations depicted in the TVC.


The Strategy


Unlike traditional advertising, Time & Space Media introduced new faces in the TVC aiming to leave an impact on the TG. We wanted the consumer to relate to the product. Since we were introducing new faces, it was quite a task to train them. Also, we ensured the IMC is consistent throughout the TVC which was another big challenge. It was a jingle-based ad which was another big challenge as our aim was to deliver the messages through jingle & visuals.


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