The Objective


Tires industry is growing by very large degrees and involving technology to enhance the perimeters of the performance of the product. The layman consumer has a wide variety of alternatives for their vehicles. The core objective was to draw an impression in the minds of the consumers that the company provides quality products with affordable prices and a buy that one would not regret. As the TVC was the curtain-raiser and Introductory impression, the objectives were clearly defined and marked.


The Challenge


The utmost challenge in the project was brand establishment as the company was emerging into the market and it needed to create a buzz in the town. Including that, as the product was by an emerging brand so it should be registered separately from other products with the same usability in the minds of the viewers.


The Strategy


By keeping in mind the certain factors and the features of the brand. We created a strategy to create an animated video. The brand line was “Lambay safar ka sathi” was also written on the same bases to assure the customers about the fact that the product will be always facilitating the toughest paths of any destination. The TV commercial was executed which improved the Return on Investment of the brand and also the brand position and stand evaluation.


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