The Objective


In Pakistan the market of confectionary is huge who keep on launching various products which grab the attention of consumers. The top selling brand in this regards are Mayfair, Candyland and Hilal with many more others who have their markets segregated according to their availability. While talking about the confectionary giants (Mayfair, Candyland and Hilal) it must be noted that these brands have a firm hold over their targeted markets and with their numerous products they kind of rule their consumers. “Ding Dong”and “Boom Boom” already had the trust of the consumer and a strong penetration in the market and in this regard, our main objective was to spread the awareness about the product “Doctor Bubble Gum” and make it to stand among others while keeping in mind the targeted market and the availability of the product


The Challenge


The biggest challenge was how to get the brand noticed in the market where some notable brands are already ruling and have gained the trust of the consumer. Silver Lake Foods Limited has been there in the targeted market for years with its numerous products but still launching a new product and to make it stand out in the market while having strong competitors was a tough challenge. We were supposed to portray our product and our brand in a way that it will not only grasp the attention of the consumer but also create a call of action.


The Strategy


The best approach to any brand launch is to position it as an integral component of a larger narrative. An effective brand launch strategy includes elements that emphasize how your brand differs from the products of competitors. Ideally, the differences are part of the value proposition and position your brand in the marketplace. The other brands had used endorsements of top celebrities as “Boom Boom” was endorsed by Shahid Afridi with huge budgets. “Ding Dong” had worked more on the story telling approach to gather the attention of the targeted consumers (mostly kids). After comprehensive researches and deep study the best possible strategy was to launch our product with a best creative approach that it will get stuck in the minds of the consumers. The strategy was to create something which has never been done before. Our expert team workers executed the strategy where creative conceptualization, captivating visuals along with all the advertising expertise successfully launched the product and uplifted the brand image.


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