The Objective


The shoes market have a wide variety and the worth growing to the millions and billions of dollars. The mindset of the people or the customers are more penchant towards the adventurous world, in which their wear must carry the excellence in comfort and ease, to lessen the hurdles towards their destination. In the same manner, the brand “Aero Soft Shoes” was to be launched on the characteristic such as comfort, soft soled but elegant and stylish wear. The demand was to demonstrate the command of shoes as the sturdiest one in any case. The objective of the “Aero Soft Shoes” branding was to create acknowledgement and promotion of its upright features, and also the increment of its ROI among the wide market with an assuring strategy.


The Challenge


The challenge for the brand “Aero Soft Shoes” was to launch it in market with the promotional streamline among the competitors. By directing the margins of the peak value of quality in the brand along with the boundaries of budget, we were supposed to manifest a campaign which could reflect every single feature of ease and comfort in any field. Moreover the demand of brand and our plan was of outdoor shoot in limited resources and time slot. The challenge was also to compete with the weather change as the shoot was in Northern Hilly areas, where the weather never remains the same and there is always the margin of change.


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