The Objective


In Pakistan, the market of FMCG is quite saturated with several brands (big and small) holding strong positions in the market. Consumers have their certain brand associations and trust and they are not ready to change their buying behavior very easily In such a market where it’s not easy to grab the attention of the consumer or to make them choose something else than their former choice, the brand had the vision to be the best high-quality product and it also looked forwarded to stand out in the market. By keeping all these aspects in mind the core objective of our creative strategy was to develop something that will, create brand awareness and uplift the brand image while enticing ROI for consumers


The Challenge


The biggest challenge was how to get the brand noticed in the market where some notable brands are already ruling and have gained the trust of the consumer. By keeping all these aspects and brand image in the mind the only challenge for us was to come up with such a strategic, creative and successful campaign that it will not only create awareness about the brand but will also create a certain call of action by grabbing the attention and confidence on the brand.


The Strategy


An advertising strategy is an overall plan for a particular advertising campaign. It encompasses specific tactics designed to meet the goals and objections determined as part of the process of putting together an advertising strategy. Other brands had used top celebrity models along with huge budgets and what we planned for ABC Toothpaste was to make our concept such creative and relatable for the audience that it will surely establish a certain brand affiliation After comprehensive researches and deep study the best possible strategy was to establish our product with a best creative approach that it will get stuck in the minds of the consumers. The strategy was to create something which has never been done before. Our expert team workers executed the strategy where creative conceptualization, captivating visuals (2D and 3D) along with all the advertising expertise successfully launched the product and uplifted the brand image.


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