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Played remarkable role in outreach of Watershed program

At Time and Space Media, as a media planning and buying agency that not only brings creative marketing strategies to create brand and campaign awareness and but better the marketing position of respective company or organization as well. The company offers traditional advertising services, television, radio, print and other media buying. We also tend to provide our services to opt for projects of immense global significance related to public wellbeing and interest. So far, Time & Space has provided media and communication services to banking, education, entertainment, government, technology, health sector, and projects from non-profit organizations such as USAID, USDA, and ICARDA in collaborations with national and provincial governments in Pakistan, publishing, telecommunications and travel & tourism sectors.


As a media specialist, Time n Space Media Ltd, realized the need of using Communication to opt projects of Global importance in association with other concerned governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders, and played its role in planning and making strategy in order to communicate for the “Watershed Program” and the cause of “responsible consumption of natural resources”; especially water conservation through smart and modern irrigation techniques. We have also assisted our clients in providing rigor and structure (for campaigning) the communicate plans for Watershed Project and the relevant departments to generate awareness among masses of Pothohar region and persuading farmers and other societal stakeholders through our compelling Communication expertise.


That is where we come in. It is established that any cause; be it for welfare or development, commercial or noncommercial purpose, it always needs to be communicated to a large group of people. Many organizations work for various causes but people seldom do not know about them.
From Television Commercial for your brand to Documentary, Time and Space offers full production services. Our service for awareness and promotional campaigning includes:

  • Complete branding campaigns
  • Research and planning
  • Identity design
  • Advertise the brand across all media and channels, online and offline
  • Brand guideline & Internal brand engagement
  • Generating awareness for projects of public significance
  • From internal engagement to external launch, complete brand development package

We, as an agency, go beyond from only commercial tendencies and opt to grab projects for public wellbeing and prosperity and have an elemental sustainable value in public development;  to highlight our key roles for such project(s) is collaborating with government of Punjab/ Pakistan and international organizations to provide our services and to plan the key insights in order to maximize outreach of WATERSHED Program and to achieve the purpose of Water consumption through smart irrigation in Punjab and eventually, in Pakistan.


Watershed is project involving major stakeholders such as USAID, USDA, and ICARDA in collaboration of government of Punjab, in Pothohar region of Punjab for the cause of water preservation / conservation and use smart, updated, more profitable and sustainable ways to save water and prospering farmers by making them aware as well as responsible contributors to our agriculture and eventually, our economy.

Realizing the current situation of our planet, it is alarming in so many ways such as climate change and scarcity of natural resources especially water and distribution of resources and wealth in almost every part of the world is unjust. Water conservation and responsible consumption of other natural resources is global problem/ phenomenon, and various organizations around the world including the governments of the world are putting so many efforts dedicatedly in terms of finance, resources and technologies.

Pakistan is not excluded in this global scenario. Climate change is exposing its effects on Pakistan in a drastic way. It is established that Pakistan is an agricultural country and major account of our economy depends upon the agriculture and as a matter of fact, Punjab has been doing main contribution in this regard. Pakistan is hit by natural disasters for the last decade chronologically example of floods etc. and droughts and the citizens face extreme consequences as well.


Pakistan is among the top countries to face a water crisis. It has moved from being classified as water “stressed” to water “scarce”—and with its annual water availability fallen below 1,000 cubic meters per person, it may have already crossed this threshold. According to a Study by the IMF, Pakistan is ranked third among the countries facing water shortage.  The disturbing consumption pattern adds to the earnestness of the problem. With the fourth- highest rate of water consumption and the highest water intensity rate in the world — i.e. amount of water used in cubic meters per unit of GDP — Pakistan needs to re-evaluate aggregate water usage without further delay. To address the water crisis, the Government of Pakistan has introduced the Integrated Watershed Management Program. The program focuses on managing natural resources and human activities to protect important water resources. The watershed management covers the interaction among the land use, weather pattern and the resulting changing hydrological characteristics including; evapotranspiration, runoff, seepage and infiltration.

As a matter of fact, it is important to register that United Nations as an institution is also concerned about these issues and assigned 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to various countries especially developing countries like Pakistan, and to make them achieve by the time of 2030, governments as well as nonprofit organizations are taking an active part in this regard to deal with issues of such alarming value. It is also important to notice here that for this purpose, ICARDA and United  States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are also collaborating for this purpose, to cope up with these existential issues such as climate change; their active campaigns includes “ULTRA-LOW-ENERGY DRIP IRRIGATION  which HELPS SMALL FARMERS SAVE WATER, ENERGY, AND MONEY”.


Furthermore, No. 12 of those SDGs assigned to Pakistan is “Responsible Consumption of Natural Resources” which brings us to the ultimate goal for this project, to communicate to the immediate audience in Pothohar region of Punjab, and on generic level in Pakistan. 12.A clause or part of these SDGs, Support developing countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacity to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. Time n Space Media Ltd, in the documentary, covered this aspect and communicated the usage of these devices in a demonstrative manner.

In this regard, governmental institutes based in Pakistan (BARI Chakwal) have invented some devices as well in order to help farmers to opt and implement smart and sustainable agricultural strategy in irrigation, in order to measure land’s need to check the required moisture of the land or orchards. Devices include “Irrometer Watermark Digital Meter” and “Denseometer” are shown in the following pictures.

Project’s main message is to bring attention and later, the adoption of  the “Efficient irrigation methods” including rain gun sprinkler, drip irrigation for fruit plants, drip irrigation for vegetables under tunnel, low head bucket drip irrigation, bubbler irrigation, micro-sprinkler (surface and overhead) irrigation, furrow bed irrigation, integrated drip lines and drip tape were demonstration at different sites.


Watershed Program is also about collecting and preserving Rainwater in tanks, built at least 5-6 feet above the surface harvesting and management technologies in order to irrigate corps and orchards etc. in a naturally sustainable way, so that the rain water cannot go to wastage, in Pakistan, it does not get stored and cause the farmers huge loss in disasters such as floods etc.

Target Audience and Mediums used in

Watershed Program

Although, this project was based in the Pothohar region of Punjab, but the target audience for such projects of public’s benefit is usually at mass level. Time n Space Media Ltd, in collaboration with the relevant departments, researched in a thorough course of action, considering the demographics as well as other aspects and planned communication strategies (including ABL; above the line i.e. conventional mediums or mainstream media, such as TV, Print, Billboards and also, BTL; below the line, such as seminars, interpersonal communications via community leaders and prominent influencers through locally famous celebrities, training camps and the coverage of all these events and more importantly, the flexes behind Rickshaws, as it is most commutable vehicle in rural as well as urban settings of Punjab) only in order to get the desired results after disseminating the message in most possible persuasive way, hence, to change peoples’ behaviors regarding water consumption and conservation.


In order to reach the maximum objective of this project, Time n Space Media Ltd derived the communication strategy in a very persuasive and reachable manner. In a Nutshell, Government of Pakistan, we used different communications strategies to educate and create awareness for the conception and successful implementation of watershed program. We met with the influential community leaders, motivators, students, NGOs and farmers, arranged seminars and lectures to disseminate program message. We also coordinated with the government to produce documentaries and executed successful print and electronic media campaigns.

Syed Yusuf Ali Shah;
from Kallar Kahar, comments;

“Initially, I installed bubbler irrigation was installed as a test project for 150 plants, with the collaboration with “Barani Institute of Agriculture”, and after experiencing the results, impressive outcome in the case of productions and corps quality , I planned an expansion of bubbler irrigation system on my 1400 plants. “Bubbler irrigation” can water any plant in only 10 minutes. This system can reduce the cost of labor, save water to a large extent, and fertilizers also. As a result, the income out of these process has been increased and again.”


Mohammad Yar,
from Bhabwaal, Chakwal, told;

“I planted grapes orchard in 2014, on my land and for a very long period of time, I used to water my trees through flood water system. In my observance, a huge amount of water was wasted through this traditional method of irrigation. By the cooperation and technical training of BARI Chakwal, the system has been immensely beneficial for me and my field. Cost of labor, water and energy saving etc. was possible and I am glad that I played my part in this regard”.

Farzana Ashraf,
a local community leader worker in a local NGO and a farmer, working with BARI for the last 3 years while sharing her experience, comments;

“I Installed the drip irrigation at my one acre land (grapes Orchard), where I faced many issues regarding watering my orchard. But with the help of BARI Chakwal, all of them resolved as well as the production of my field increased, and quality of the fruits got improved.  This system saved not only water, electricity costs for watering but fertilizers as well.”


Time n Space Media Ltd, made sure that the coverage of Women’s Elemental existence or value in this project reaches to the mass audience, so that, after watching it, more women can take part in such initiatives.

Success/ Effectiveness:

Time n Space Media Ltd, also generated a documentary; in Urdu as well as in English and native/ indigenous languages, covering up all the above-mentioned activities regarding Watershed Program and exposing them to general public, making people understand the phenomenon of smart and modern irrigations and how these techniques can help them, grow their production in better quality in less investment i.e. reducing the labor and fertilizers. The agriculture practices in this region are bit tough, so the needs of the modern irrigation emerged. Drip irrigation and modern techniques which are sustainable as well are being adopted by a lot of farmers as a result of the efforts of all concerned stakeholders and strong communication methods. The expansion in drip irrigation and other modern techniques rather than relying upon expensive and conventional ways of irrigation in this region will cause our country prosperity and economic.

The project has achieved its impacts to maximum extent as every stakeholder had put their efforts to the fullest capacity, for this significant issue as the world belongs to all of us and each and every person has to take a part responsibly in order to make this country prosperous. Time n Space Media Ltd, tracked the results of project’s success as well as the recorded accounts of farmers (above-mentioned) demonstrate it. We hold expertise in strategizing the communication plans and dissemination of information with TnS Media Ltd is worth experiencing.