• Media Planning and Buying
  • Time and Space Media is a media planning and buying agency that not only brings creative marketing strategies to create brand awareness and better marketing position. The company owns an experience of years that gives our media specialists power to create winning media strategy. The company offers traditional advertising services, television, radio and other media buying services with their years of experience in this field. Our variety of clients from every industry makes us stand amongst top agencies under the banner of success.

    We believe in providing media services differently to perform better for our clients. Our focus remains on our clients’ benefit because that is our success. Time & Space Media delivers wide range of ideas for television, radio, press, outdoor and indoor media at cost effective and affordable rates.

    Today, Media planning and buying are filled with complexity that is why a skillful team is required to arrange an advertising campaign with you. At Time & Space Media, you will be assured for every advertising solution under one banner. Contact us today to build your brand together with your inkling and our 100% result!

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  • Promotional Campaigns
  • We excel in creating awareness and promotional campaigns for our clients, to gain attention of customers and increase the overall sales. We start from scratch after getting proper information from the client. While designing, the target audience, needs and expectations from the brand remains in our focus. That is how our “big ideas” are developed that helps our clients to hit their target audience with a well reformed concept.

    Time and Space Media excels in providing with online and offline mix media solutions to its clients that is beneficial for our clients. We believe in having good relationships with our clients to make them feel the difference. Our team is well trained to create and manage our clients’ demand and create bespoke planning and buying solutions for clients.

    Our service for awareness and promotional campaigning includes:

    • Complete branding campaigns
    • Research and planning
    • Identity design
    • Advertise the brand across all media and channels, online and offline
    • Brand guidelines
    • Internal brand engagement
    • From internal engagement to external launch, complete brand development package
  • Media Research
  • Through this, we are able to measure the level of success and failure of a company that comes to us for future planning. Our research is defined through statistical methodologies that bring accurate information. We use the data resources such as TGI, Touch Points, UKOM, Google Analytics and many more. In order to achieve, the research uncovers the current happenings but also the reason behind it. We deal in large sample sizes to provide quick turnaround on the data those later results in broader perspective and timelier in nature.

    The proper research helps us to understand human attitudes, motivations, values and behaviors of the consumer at large. We believe in getting ahead of cascade of information, generating insights of the society and breakthrough innovations to understand the human core.

    Our key services are:

    • Consumer insight
    • Online communities
    • Communications & branding research/tracking
    • Segmentation
    • Web usability & satisfaction/tracking
    • Social media evaluation
    • Netnography & ethnography
  • Production
  • Video / TVC / Documentary Production

    From Television Commercial for your brand to Documentary, Time and Space offers full production services. Our first step before coming up with ideas for your commercial is proper research about your business. This helps us to come up with a big idea to deliver your message in a powerful spot. From concept through research, storyboard and script development, casting, shooting, editing and post-production. We provide a full line of video production services under our passionate team.

    Today there are various technological advancements in our developing world. With a variety of client to deal with, we try our best to fulfill demands of our clients and their project demands. We understand that our clients carry several objectives in their mind before coming to us. We believe in our clients’ satisfaction till the end. Our work is starts with research then creating script, location selection and post production editing.

    Create your online presence with video production services by Time & Space to get noticed. Within few seconds, you are able to spread relevant information about company.

  • Designing
  • A top notch graphic design services is an integral part of Time & Space Media. Ever since the demand for graphic designing is increasing day by day, all businesses companies need a visual facelift in the market today for better share.

    Our designing team takes care of all graphic designing matter to come up with relevant business design ideas. This helps us to create unique and impressive designs for our clients. We help our clients to join successful league of companies having great market standing. Our portfolio consists of magazine and newspaper advertisements, leaflets, brochures, logo designing, packaging designs, poster or any other idea our client carry in their mind for designing.

    At Time & Space, you will be served at a fair price and full concentration!

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